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Personal Bio

Personal Bio

I was born on June 2, 1972, in Milford Delaware. In 1977, as a little boy, I was gloriously born again. My pastor, Al Jewell, lead me to the Lord during the invitation of a Sunday night service at First Baptist Church of Georgetown, DE. I attended the Church’s Christian school from kindergarten thru the fourth grade. At this time, because of my father’s work, we relocated to Middletown, Delaware, where I attended Elkton Christian Schools until the 8th grade. I homeschooled for the 9th grade and finished out my high school years at a private school named Broadmeadow. Permitted to graduate as a junior, my next step was college where I ultimatelyreceived a degree in aeronautical science.

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It was during these early years that my father also taught me to fly. While in high school and college, I spent much of my spare time at the airport working toward a commercial pilot’s license. The goal was to eventually make a living flying for the airlines. Having received all the necessary credentials to begin a promising aviation career, I was well on my way. I had it all figured out, but little did I know that God had different plans.

During Christmas of 1991, I traveled south to Mississippi to visit family. It was there, at my families Church, that I met the love of my life. After two years of talking on the phone with a thousand miles between us, we got married. It was at this time I realized that I’d rather have a family than a flying career. After two years in Delaware, Dawn and I moved south where we have lived until this day.

It was in the south that I answered the Lord’s call to preach His precious Gospel on February 13th, 2000. I had a burden for evangelism early on, but my pastor wisely suggested Bible school and some experience pastoring. The Lord graciously opened the doors for both. In the last 18 years, God has allowed me to pastor two fabulous churches. One was located in the bayou country of South Louisiana, and the other in the Bible Belt of Central Mississippi. Each was unique, but both possessed a special love for the Lord and His word.

In the last couple of years, we have felt the leadership of God to pursue that burden of evangelism He laid on our heart so many years ago. As of November 2017, after much prayer, we have surrendered to the ministry of Missionary Evangelism.

Our longing is for true revival within the United States of America and to help missionaries at home and abroad. We wish to be a blessing to the men of God and the people of God through the preaching of God’s precious word.

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